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For a quiet stay choose the health insurance Sécurimer-Sécuriterre from the very first Euro.
Health expenses are always unpredictable but you will never be unprepared thanks to Sécurimer-Sécuriterre.
You are a foreigner or live in a foreign country: trainee, student, worker, searcher, crew member, diplomat, tourist or you wish to benefit from a private medical cover.

Serenity, this is what we guarantee:

- total cover for your stays in France or overseas territories from the very first euro covering 100% of your health expenses in the limit of the social security fare
- Reimbusement of sickeness real expenses up to 100% of official french Social Security rate for:
High risks - surgery hospitalization: medical expenses - fees - auxiliary medical expenses - childbirth forfeit - additional expenses - transport for cure therapy - curie & roentgenthérapie for 100% moderator slip.
Simple risks - without hospitalization: medical care - generalists - specialistes for doctor's consulting or visits - analysis expenses - optical expenses - dental expenses and prosthesis - drugstore - x'rays - small surgery - auxiliary medical expenses for 100% moderator slip.
- whatever the length of your stay (minimum one month)
- a high level guarantee including repatriation insurance

Download and discover our contract & insurance benefits.
Health insurrance

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