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Securiterre-Securimer social provident association
Securimer Securiterre (Security at sea / Security on land)
A 100% social providence right from the first euro.
The provident association Securimer Securiterre has proposed a social protection to impatriates and travelers since 1991; it covers 100% of the social security rate.

Option (visa requirement for the Shengen space) 

  • reimbursement of health expenses
  • total cover for stays in France as well as in the French overseas departments and territories, including 3 months around the world outside the origin country
  • term of the contract: from one month to
    12 months, renewable
  • 2 levels of subsciption
    adults: 18 to 70
    children: 0 to 18
  • one level of guarantee only for all, including repatriation
  • 2 rate levels
    181 € / adult / month
    141 € /child /month

valid from 01/01/17 to 31/12/17

You are looking for an individual health insurance contract, right from the first euro, covering 100% of your health expenses within the rate of the social security convention.
For your stays, temporary of permanent, in France or overseas territories; for your business trips, tourism, studies
Whether you are in France as a holiday maker, a foreign  worker, on a mission or a training program, the solution Securimer Securiterre, which was originally studied for yacht crews, is today the best solution in case of hospitalisation, medical consultation with GPs and specialists whose rates are government-regulated.
Repatriation is included in the option.

To sum up: free, simple and economical this health insurance meets your needs of social protection.

The Social provident association Securimer Securiterre is insured by the AGF ( France General Insurance company) and Mondial Assistance.